S. Sinha College has constituted the Anti-Discrimination Cell in compliance to the UGC Regulations, 2012 (Promotion of Equity in Higher Educational Institutions and Grievance Redressal) with the following members to look after the employees/students related matters. The Cell is to safeguard the interest of the students/employees without any prejudice to their caste, creed, religion etc. and also to eliminate discrimination against or harassment of any students/employees in all forms as well as to promote equality among students/employees of all sections of the society in S. Sinha College. The Anti-Discrimination Cell comprises of the following members:

sl no. Name Designation. Designation in Committee Mobile No. E-mail Id.
01 Dr. Ved Prakash Chaturvedi Principal. Chairman 9661439055 principal@ssinhacollege.co.in
02 Dr. S.M. Quasim Head, Urdu Member 9431632576 smquasimssc@gmail.com
03 Dr. Ram Prakash Head, Sanskrit Member 9430476725 rpssc@gmail.com
04 Dr. Lalti Mehta Head, Philosophy Member 9631530667 laltimehtassc@gmail.com
05 Prof. Chandan Kumar Singh Asst. Prof., MBA Member 7488573361 chandans904@gmail.com
06 Prof. Nidhi Asst. Prof., B.Pharm Member 8789772639 nira18416@gmail.com

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